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Body Armor | Curtis Blue Line

The Safariland Oregon City load bearing vest offers customization by the officer using Protech pouches. Level IIIA Body Armor. Level IIIA Ballistic Panels from Hardwire offers a versatile and flexible option to traditional plate armor. The high-performance ballistic panel is rated for level IIIa soft body armor.

Gen 3 Fast Attack Vest Plate Carrier from Safariland

Safariland has just released a new plate carrier for the armor market – the Gen 3 Fast Attack Vest or FAV. The Fast Attack Vest claims to be versatile, and provide more ballistic coverage at its base level. The FAV features front, back, shoulder, and side soft armor ballistic coverage with of course the option to add front and back armor plates.

Bulletproof Soft Body Armor | Hardwire LLC

Meet the soft armor that has reinvented soft armor. Engineered with the world's best polymer chemistry, and processed under 25 million pounds of force, Hardwire soft armor outperforms at the lightest weight. It's 30% lighter and 50% thinner than anything else on the market. Soft Body Armor. SOFT ARMOR (.68LBS / FT2) ›.

Concealable Soft Body Armor - High-Quality | LA Police Gear

Soft Armor, Body Armor, and Concealment Vests. You need body armor when you serve in the most challenging positions as police, military, security guards, and first responders.Each of these jobs often requires you to put yourself in the line of fire protecting your motherland or, maybe, the people around you against enemies and criminals.

Hardwire | Safariland

Hardwire | Safariland EVOLUTION BECOMES REVOLUTION In a perfect world body armor stops every bullet and weighs nothing. In the real world body armor is heavy, bulky, hot and uncomfortable for the officer who needs to wear it every day. In 2016, Hardwire Armor Systems introduced revolutionary soft body armor.

Tactical FRAS™ - Safe Life Defense Body Armor

INTRODUCING THE SAFE LIFE DEFENSE FLEXIBLE RIFLE ARMOR SYSTEM. Safe Life Defense FRAS™ is a Flexible Rifle Armor feels and conceals just like soft armor but is rated to defend against .223, 5.56 and7.62×39! Flexible Rifle Armor panels provide full front, rear and side coverage while still being lighter than most traditional rifle plates.

Best Body Armor On The Market 2022 Review | TheGunZone

PROTECH® | Safariland. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat ...

SHOT Show 2020: Safariland Group - YouTube

Safariland has updated their hard armor, tactical armor carriers, and new concealable armor carriers for 2020.Official website, blog, and online store.

A Realistic Guide to Body Armor - by Open Source SaaW

For soft armor, you really only have 2 options at this point, the Crye LVS and the Safariland Hardwire. They cost $700+ depending on where you get them. They are the lightest, mosst concealable, and most comfortable soft armor solutions you can buy. If you are wearing soft armor, you are wearing it for 1 of 2 reasons. To have concealed body armor

Soft Body Armor : Body Armor Basics - Adept Armor

Safariland makes excellent soft armor; their Matrix-II weighs 0.9 psf and is 0.212" thick, whereas the Matrix-IIIa weighs 1.2 psf and is .29" thick — which means that the Matrix-II is exactly 25% lighter and thinner than the Matrix-IIIa. Their other models, e.g. the Summit and SX, exhibit the same relationship between their Level II and ...

Hardwire® Level IIIA Ballistic Panel | Safariland

This sets a new standard in shock dissipation physics, momentum transfer efficiency, and ultimately, ballistic properties. Features Lightest, thinnest Level IIIA soft armor available Outperforms the hardest steels, yet light enough to float Record-breaking stopping power Made of fibers pressed using 25 million pounds of force

Body Armor & Plates - Safariland Ballistic

This model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor. This is a Safariland Low Visiblity Body Armor Vest. This is sized as'X-Large/Regular' This vest includes soft inserts. Size'Large-Regular' It also includes a set of front and rear Protective Products, International Plates.

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Ceradyne: The big name. Highest performing armor in the game, period. If you get some from them somehow, you're set. AA4 armor plates are incredibly good and will stop 99% of threats in the US, including even some .50 BMG FMJ. Safariland: Good quality soft armor. Lightweight, but be wary, their Hardwire is suspected to have multi hit issues.

Body armor: American made vs Imported : tacticalgear

Safariland Group were also parent company of a couple UK based armor brands a while back but thats kind of a niche thing to look at. Edit. This is more for those whose jobs require soft armor or whose carriers are meant for soft armor.

Body Armor Safariland Second Chance STOl Level II ...

Each serialized soft body armor shall be traceable to its original ballistic material lot number and ballistic material mill roll number. The vendor must have the ability to trace serial numbers. Pooled Armor - Standard Sizes: 4 Safariland Second Chance STOl Level II Concealable Body Armor Level II Body Armor Specifications

Concealable Body Armor Carriers | Safariland

Our concealable body armor carriers for police officers, law enforcement, and SWAT. Discover how our products have saved over 2000 officers!

Safariland Armor 2.0, Hardwire 74 Ballistic Panels - …

Safariland's Hardwire's new soft armor is a combination of perfectly interlaced multi-functional fibers and game-changing polymer technology. Made of Dyneema® fibers and pressed under 25 million pounds of force at precise …

Safariland Armor Unveils Hardwire 49 – Thinnest and ...

The Hardwire 49 complements the level IIIA Hardwire 68, the lightest and thinnest level IIIA soft armor in the industry, launched earlier this year in the Safariland® Armor line. This complete range of ultra lightweight ballistic panel technology will be on display at this week's International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP ...

News Archive - Inside Safariland

For Immediate Release October 28, 2021 JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Nov. 4, 2021 — Cadre Holdings Inc. ("Cadre" or "the Company"), a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of safety and survivability equipment for first responders, today announced the pricing of its initial public offering of 6,000,000 shares of common stock at a public offering price of …

Best Level III Soft Body Armor - AR15.COM

Higher end (safariland and second chance) will be your thinnest/lightest soft armor option but are 500-800 a panel (<.5 inches) As for plate armor offering level III protection (including special threat) - Hesco U210 is the way to go - 900 a plate gets you 0.5 inches thick, <4lbs a plate, and multi-hit protection against m193, m855, m855a1, x39 ...

10PCS Body Armor Bullet proof Ceramic compound NIJ III ...

This model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor. NIJ Standard 0101.06 performance test summary. Test bullet. Bullet Mass. Conditioned Armor Test Velocity. IV ceramic plates 2.95kgs/PC.

Concealable soft armor recommendations? : tacticalgear

Recommendations. As the title says, I'm looking for a good concealable soft body armor that I can use for work. Right now I have a Safe Life Defense iiia+ vest and with the things I've read on this sub it sounds like that probably wasn't the best choice. It has to be concealable as per my department policy, as per rating I'd prefer ...

Armor Level IIIA Ballistic Panel | Safariland

Armor Level IIIA Ballistic Panel | Safariland Designed For Soft Armor Type IIIA Lightweight NIJ Tested Hardwire® Armor Systems Armor Level IIIA Ballistic Panel The newest proprietary manufacturing technology from Hardwire® equates to the lightest armor in the world, with unprecedented stopping power.

Body Armor & Plates - Safariland Body Armor

Description Safariland Body Armor With Additional Breast Plate! Size Large/ Long Threat Protection Level II 3rd Panel is a"Point Blank Body Armor" Soft Trauma Insert that fits into the Center Front Pocket of Vest for Additional Protection! This vest is in AVERAGE CONDITION as you can see. Straps have lost most of their elasticity.

External Armor carrier options | Primary & Secondary Forum

Jun 5, 2016. #5. Your correct. The 6094 is only a plate carrier. You will find that BALCS is a unique enough shape that it is not generally compatible with generic concealment cut armor. The Mayflower LPAAC and LPAAC cut is more similar to concealment cut, but your best bet is to view the soft armor and carrier as a package.

Safariland | Body Armor Outlet

ABA Poly Water Resistant Fixed Pocket IIIA Body Armor Black XLR DOM 2008. $149.95 $127.49. XLR - $127.49. Add to wishlist. ABA Poly Water Resistant Fixed Pocket IIIA Body Armor Black XLR DOM 2008 This is an older body... Safariland 6x8 Blunt Force Trauma Pad (All Colors) $8.99. Add to wishlist. Used Safariland 6x8 Soft Blunt Trauma Pad Reduces ...

Best Body Armor [Tested]: Hard Plates & Soft Armor - Pew ...

If you were looking for something more concealable than a plate carrier, Safariland should be one of your go-to's. Trusted by law enforcement, Safariland offers a variety of soft ballistic panels, including the Matrix Ballistic Panel. This soft armor is rated Level II, which means it protects against stabs and most pistol caliber threats.

How To Properly Wear Body Armor - Safe Life Defense - YouTube

One of the most important things when wearing body armor is to ensure you have the proper fit. Safe Life Defense President, Nick Groat, explains how to prop...

S A F Male Body Armor Sizing Tool - Safariland Vest Sizing ...

Safariland Armor Sizing: We do not offer smaller than a 16" panel width for both males and females. We do not offer larger than a 34" panel width for males and 32" for females. Male Front Lengths: We do not offer smaller than a 10" front inch panel length. We do not offer longer than a 19" front length.

Safariland® Armor

Safariland® Armor BUILt FOR PERFORMANCE Performance is the driving force in every element of Safariland® armor. Safariland has built a reputation for innovation, and is credited for bringing to market the first commercially available personal soft body armor for …

Soft Armor – GH Armor

The only armor that works is armor that is worn. The most comfortable vest is a vest that fits. GH Armor offers a wide range of sizing resources to ensure proper coverage, fit, and mobility. For full support, engage our sizing training or request a sizing kit.

LEO armor recommendations? : QualityTacticalGear

I'm a big fan of Safariland's soft armor, but I'm a little biased because that's what I own. Point Blank is also really good. $1000 at contract pricing would get you an SX IIIA system, which is like half the weight and thickness of a SafeLife system. At MSRP, you'd be looking at like Safariland Xtreme II, which is quite thin and light, although ...

What company makes the best rifle rated body armor plates ...

Soft Armor. Military: Point Blank (PPI Specifically), KDH, Armor Express. KDH is a shitty company that as far as I can tell couldn't give two shits about QA/QC. ArmorExpress is fine but doesn't make any UHMWPE soft armor so it's all thick and heavy. Go with PB Alpha Elite, Safariland Hardwire 64/78, Velocity VS-33A, or Crye.