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Pair (2 Plates) of Aluminum Oxide Ceramic Ballistic Plates Level IV. Regular Price. C$399.99. Sale Price. C$359.99. Quick View.

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We're an enterprise that export Body armor in manila to China, we are authorized by the relevant state registratio. Key Body armor in manila and sell to many regions in China, solution offered upon request. We've got the spirit of "customer very first, honesty first" principle, with a quantity of enterprises established long-term cooperative relationship.


RTS BODY ARMOR LEVEL IV CERAMIC ACTIVE SHOOTER KIT. (75) $449.99 - $859.96. Pay in full or in 4 interest-free installments of $112.49 with. Learn more. Choose a variant BLACK - $449.99 COYOTE - $449.99 MULTICAM - $479.99 OD GREEN - …

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Protection: up to 30.06AP Rifle rounds. Weight: approx 5.5 lbs each. Highest Quality Hard Armor Available at this low weight. [/su_table] Current lead-time is two weeks or less. *All armor has been tested to meet or exceed NIJ 0101.06 requirements. Threat Level IV.

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X-LARGE Armor Level: III* This model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor* Capabilities: Plates are rated to stop a caliber up to a.30cal M2 AP(30-06 black-tip armor-piercing) cartridge and all lesser threats Item Condition: Fully serviceable Shipping: This product will ONLY be shipped to valid US residents.

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Level IV Body Armor The NIJ ballistic resistance standard classifies body armor by levels of ballistic performance. For any performance level, NIJ's test protocol requires that the bullets listed below, do not perforate the vest and that the vest protects against blunt trauma.

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In addition SK 4, the highest protection class, is specified to withstand three hits, while Level IV needs only to withstand one hit - although by a bigger caliber (7,62×63mm). HOSDB armor standard (United Kingdom) The Home Office Scientific Development Branch is governing standards and testing protocols for police body armor.

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Level IV body armor takes a step up from level III body armor by adding more protection. It consists of hard armor or a combination of both hard and soft armor which makes it capable of providing protection from most rifle rounds used in warzones across the world.

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For maximum protection against a high-grade military threat, Level IV body armor is the best option the market can provide: AR500 Armor's Level IV is tested to the NIJ's proposed 0101.07 standard as an RF3 plate, which is the highest protection listed.This protection rating means the plate can stop a .30 caliber Armor Piercing bullet, with a mass of 10.8g, at speeds of up to …

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Tough Weave and Complex Matrix: Our bulletproof vests are NIJ level 4 compliant. This is proof of the toughness and reliability of these Level 4 ballistic plates. Tactical Scorpion Gear Level IV body armor plates are available in any custom configuration in flat, single curve, and multi-curve.

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Level IV. Protection: 9mm, 45. ACP, .357 Magnum, etc. up to .44 Magnum, 5.56 / .223, 7.62 NATO, .30 armor piercing rounds. Price: $150 – $850 / Body plate. Weight: ~8.3 lbs / body plate. Like the Level III armor, this offers even further protection against some of the most devastating rounds like the 30-06 and similar rounds.

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Level IV is the highest rifle plate rating under the NIJ personal body armor specs at this time. A level IV must stop a single hit of 7.62MM AP "Black Tip", which is effectively a .30-06 Armor Piercing bullet. Note the difference in shot count between a …

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Rear Patches. Utility Pocket Patches. Patch Packs. Hard Rifle Plate Level IV ICW. $ 189.00 - $ 378.00. $ 169.00 -$ 338.00. Learn More.

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Threat Level Protection The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) states that level IV armor must stop a single hit of 7.62MM AP. ShotStop's HA Level IV ballistic body armor, made with patented Duritium® technology, is multi-hit and can defeat special threats including: 5.56x45mm 55 grain ball (M193), 7.62x39mm PS ball (MSC), 7.62x51mm 149 grain M80 FMJ, …

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Tactical Body Armor | Body Armor Outlet BAO Tactical 1155 Level IV NIJ .06 Hard Armor Plate, Stand Alone, Shooters Cut, Single Curve, 10"x12". $164.65 $135.00. Default Title - …

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Body Armor Deals: BattleSteel Ballistic Armor Level IV Plates 10×12 $109.98 FREE S&H Ammoland Inc. Posted on November 18, 2021 November 18, 2021 by F Riehl, Editor in Chief Check out our Daily ...

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Level IV body armor will stop large caliber and armor piercing rifle threats up to .30-06 M2AP armor piercing rounds with a mass of 166 grains and velocity of 2880 ft/s. Our Level IV body armor plates has been ranked for protection and offers various levels of ballistic performance.

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Point Blank Level IV Hard Armor Plate. View Price. The Point Blank Level IV armor plate is a triple curve, shooters cut plate made from aramid. It is a 10x12 inch plate, so can fit in any standard plate carrier. The plate itself has a thickness of 1.00" and weighs 7.5 lbs which is on the heavy side for armor plates.

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Best Ceramic Level IV Body Armor. 7. AR500 Level IV Ceramic. If you're looking for a little bit more serious protection and don't mind the bulk, AR500's Level IV Ceramic/PE armor might be what you're looking for. Like the AR500 steel plates, you can find their ceramic plates in a variety of cuts and sizes. AR500 Armor, Level IV Ceramic.

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Level IV Bulletproof Plates, Body Armour Boron Carbide Level 4 Armor Plates Boron Carbide Level IV Plate - Body Armour boron carbide bulletproof armor The plates have been extensively tested and have passed a variety of tests including: 4 Shots of 7.....

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Cratus 5200 Level III / Level IV Stand Alone Advanced Body Armor Plate 7 x 8 FS TenCate Advanced... -75%. O u t o f s t o c k. Out of stock. TenCate CR1000 Level IIIA+, Spike 2, & Slash Advanced Body Armor Plate 6x8 Full Size. Out of stock. Add to wishlist.

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Hercules Level IV Ceramic Body Armor defeats armor piercing .30-06 M2 AP rounds and provides full 10"x12" edge-to-edge protection. The Advanced Compound Curve profile of the Hercules plate makes it the most comfortable level IV body armor plate on the market. At only 6.9 lbs per plate, it is also lighter than most ceramic level IV body armor ...

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How many Level IV Battle Steel armor plates will it take to stop armor piercing 50 cal fired from my Barrett M107A1? Let's find out 🇺🇸Link to the Level I...

UTA Level IV Lightweight (Ceramics) Body Armor

The UTA Level IV Armor is engineered with the highest grade of 90 layers ballistic materials ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) bound with 10mm SiC (ceramic) chip to make it a hard stand-alone armor system.Standard 10X12" size means this armor can be inserted into most plate carrier in the market. Features :

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Level IV Model(#0949) Body Armor is a great choice for those who looking for rifle protection with a low weight. Backside impact padding is added to reduce the amount of energy transfer to your body, reducing felt energy through your armor. The plates are not only affordable, comfortable, but high performing, and lightweight.

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Level IV Body Armor Plate (Model #1155) NIJ .06 Certified. Rated 4.90 out of 5 based on 305 customer ratings. ( 305 customer reviews) $ 135.00 $ 119.99. Lead Time: Same Day Shipping (M-F) When You Order by 10AM CST! NIJ .06 Certified Body Armor. Level 4 Armor is rated to defeat up to 30.06 M2AP.

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This is it, the strongest, lightest, most capable rifle rated level IV ballistic plate available on the market today. Weighing in at 5.3lbs per plate. This plate can stop all common 5.56, 7.62, and .30-06 rounds. Standard 10 x 12 Shooters cut and ESAPI Cut designs lets this plate fit in almost any plate carrier on the market.

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NIJ 06 Certified Level IV Swimmer SAPI Plate Combo (26605) Regular price $649.00 Sale price $550.00 Save $99.00. ~ In Stock ~. Includes one SAPI and one Swimmer plate. The 26605 Triple-curve hard armor plate is certified NIJ 0101.06 Level IV Stand Alone ballistic solution.

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Level IV Rifle Rated Body Armor. The DFNDR Armor® Rifle Rated Level IV system was developed to developed to defeat a single shot of 7.62×63 APM2 at muzzle velocity and multiple shots of light Armor Piercing ammunition such as the 7.62x39 API, the 5.56x45 M855 A1 and the 7.62x54R LPS threats. This system is NIJ Certified and also rated to ...

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Operator™ Level 4+ Rifle-Rated Stand Alone Body Armor: 5.56 x 45 mm – M193 (Multiple Hits) 7.62 x 39 mm - M67 (Multiple Hits) 7.62 x 51 mm – M80 -NIJ Level 3 Certification Round 7.62 x 63 mm – JSP - Mild Steel Core (Multiple Hits) 5.56 x 45 mm - M855 - Green Tip (Multiple Hits) 7.62 x 39 mm – M43 - Mild Steel Core (Multiple Hits) 7.62 x 54R – LPS - Mild Steel Core …

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Dependable body armor and tactical plate carriers provides a crucial added layer of life-saving protection. When choosing armor, it's important your ballistic protection meets NIJ standard 0101.06. But the equipment also needs to match the level of threat you're likely to face. Body armor comes in different levels.